As a core team, we understand that the crisis in the textile industry can only be resolved with an idea that has the potential to impact and spread throughout the entire world. We believe that Cyclothe’s role as a bridge connecting all parties involved in the industry, rather than stepping into the area of existing recycling or environmentally conscious textile ventures, will support its rapid expansion.

The Cyclothe team, composed of individuals fully dedicated to the purpose and environmentally conscious, successfully complement each other like pieces of a puzzle.


Efe is a seasoned banker with over 16 years of international leadership experience in the Financial Services Industry. He is passionate about collaborating with trusted and respected finance professionals to deliver tangible business value and commercial benefits. Efe has a deep understanding of strategy development and execution, which has enabled him to drive sustainable ROI, revenue growth, and profitability.

Marcom Consultant

Zeynep is an accomplished marketing professional with over 17 years of experience across Turkey, Caucasus, and Central Asia. She has held roles such as Project Manager, Interactive Marketing Manager, and Content Excellence Senior Manager. Zeynep’s passion for marketing and communications strategy, user experience, and content design in all forms is matched only by her ability to turn ideas into tangible, concrete forms.